FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions | Remitbee
To ensure your journey with RemitBee is smooth and secure we need you to sign up with us. We use your account to validate your identity as per compliance rules and to help you keep track of your transactions. We assure you that all information is secured and will not be shared with anyone.
We adhere to Canadian and international security standards. According to regulations we are required to collect and verify your identification before processing your transaction. We are required to keep this information for 5 years. This is the reason why your ID, email and phone number must be verified before any transaction is processed.
You can pay for your transfer using visa debit or interac transfer.
Your transfer will reach its destination within 24 hours. In some situations it may take longer.
It is important for security and compliance purposes for us to restrict sending amount according to the Canadian government. You can send upto a maximum of $3000 in one transaction. Some additional rules apply:
  • 24 Hours limit: You can send upto $3000 within a day by verifying your Identity
  • 1 Month limit: You can send a total of $25000 in a month
Yes. The information you give to us is secured with the highest level of security and will not be shared with anyone. All of the data is encrypted in a session when you login using a digital certificate. Our hosting uses secure servers and HTTPS which ensures that your transactions are done securely.
We provide various methods for receiving your money. Depending on the location, the following are available for your convenience:
  • Bank Deposit: Money will be deposited directly into your recipient's account
  • Pickup: Pickup the payment at any one of our available agent locations
  • Mobile TopUp: Top Up money on your recipient's phone.
  • Delivery (Selected locations): Have the money delivered right to your recipient’s doorstep with our trusted agents
RemitBee is a simple, quick and easy-to-use money transferring service. It helps you send money to friends and family in a safe and secure manner. We are known for our fabulous rewards program, simple yet highly functional interface and customer service.
You can send money to any of the countries that have RemitBee services including Sri Lanka, India, United Kingdom, Singapore, Switzerland, UAE, and France.
Yes, absolutely. At RemitBee we always want you to be updated. You can track your transaction anytime using a unique transaction ID given to you after you complete the sending process. Simply enter the ID on the RemitBee track transaction page to check the status of your transaction.
Go to the blue navigation menu on the left side of the screen. Click on ‘My Profile’ located at the top near your profile picture. Here you can change your picture, edit your personal information and verify your ID.
On the Main Page (“Send Money”) click on the name of the recipient you want to edit. You will be able to see their information. To edit, click on the blue pencil button. To delete the recipient click on the red trash can button.
To verify your email:
Go to ‘My Profile’ and click ‘Resend Verification’. Now open a new tab and check your email for a PIN number. Return back to the RemitBee Page where you will see a dialog called “Verification” where you can enter your PIN number. Click verify once you’re done entering it.
To verify your phone number:
Same as verifying your email, however this time a PIN will be sent to the mobile number you provided. Enter the PIN and verify. Note: You can do both at the same time!