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Posted by Remitbee November 22, 2016

Good news

Today is an important day for people remitting money to family and friends around the world. With the advent of the internet, we have seen almost everything being connected and synchronized in a seamless way. With such incredible innovation; we still are using the old methods of connecting financially around the world. Remitbee is a service that we introduced to change how we transact around the world. We transfer your hard earned money at the click of a button on the web, tablet and mobile 24/7. We do this at the fraction of the cost of what major banks and other money transfer companies offer. We also strive to complete your transaction at the fraction of the time that it regularly takes. We offer direct delivery pickup, bank deposits and mobile wallets. Our goal is to ultimately allow everyone to easily and affordably send and receive money with a few clicks.

We hope you enjoy our service and we hope to serve you with convenient, safe, and low cost service.

About 500 Startups

500 Startups is an early-stage seed fund and incubator program based in San Francisco, California. 500 Startups was founded by Alumni of High Tech startups such as PayPal and Google. The company’s areas of interest include financial services and e-commerce; search, social, and mobile platforms; personal and business productivity; education and language; family and healthcare; and web infrastructure. The company has helped launch many 100+million dollar and Billion dollar companies.

About RemitBee

Remitbee is a mobile and web based money transfer company. Based out for Ontario, Canada RemitBee allows immigrants and expats to send money to friends and family to over 10 countries as of August 2015.

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