Niche brick and mortar stores stand to be disrupted

Posted by Remitbee November 22, 2016

Business has changed.

Through the power of the internet, social networking, easier access to materials, it is now easier than ever to create a successful business, especially if your business appeals to a niche market.

Even how businesses promote themselves has changed. Gone are the days of newspaper ads and billboards, replaced with much cheaper online ads and social media. Before your ads were limited in scope, usually remaining in the same city, but with online advertising, you could have a much larger scope and a much larger potential audience. With these new resources, new startups are changing the old ways of doing business.

Many other e-stores are popping up with the help of tools such as Wix and Shopify, or are expanding their clothes lines online, like Amazon. A good example is, Your Sarista who comes with an in-built audience that may feel underserved in Canada and the US. By offering Indians, Bangladeshi, Nepalese and Sri Lankan women high-quality garments at affordable prices, they are offering girls and women something that they may not be able to get or afford otherwise.

Founded by two Toronto-born Tamils, Your Sarista is one of the first e-commerce retailers of sarees, lehengas and ready-made saree blouses. They are also the first retailer in Toronto that gives their customers the option of renting and ship internationally. They have been featured in multiple publications and events, including Mississauga Fashion Week,,, Canadian Tamil Youth Alliance and more

If they were exclusively a brick and mortar business, they would be largely dependent on word of mouth to promote their sarees. However, an online store that ships internationally? That is far easier.

Many businesses are having great success in similar endeavors. Sites like Etsy allow people to buy and sell their own products, most often handmade or for a very specific audience. The key difference is that Your Sarista uses Remitbee for money transfers, keeping the cost of sales low and passing the savings to both their employees and their customers. Whereas in the old brick and mortar business model, wholesale purchases are made which require wholesale payments and costs of unsold inventory passed to customers. With the help of Remitbee, Your Sarista facilitates their payments instantly to wholesalers as orders are placed in real time.

How Remitbee can help

Remitbee removes the middleman from money transfers, so you skip out on jacked up exchange rates for a much more reasonable rate, and get it much quicker than you would with traditional money transfer programs. Remitbee lets you deposit the money directly, or even have it delivered directly to your door in some areas. As online businesses experience further success, more and more people are looking for alternatives to high exchange rates and long wait times before they can access their money for goods and services.

So if you are ever purchasing South indian garments or sending money to another country check out or and experience why brick of mortar businesses are at risk of being disrupted.