Remitbee vs. Remitly

Posted by Remitbee August 31, 2017

Remitbee and Remitly are two completely different companies. Although they are backed with the same purpose to transfer money, it’s important to know that there are key distinctions between the two companies. Listed below are four of the many ways in which Remitbee and Remitly differ.


1. Remitbee is a Canadian based company whereas Remitly is a US based company. While this may not matter much to you, it matters a lot in terms of the rules and regulations regarded money transferring. In addition to this, Remitbee is a Canadian based company, meaning that we make our software the best for Canadians to use. Our number one priority is you as a Canadian, and we structure everything we do for your customer satisfaction.

2. Remitly transfers could take many days to process unless you pay for a faster delivery. Remitbee does not charge extra to have your money processed faster. Once again, one of our main values is that you always come first. We want your funds to be transferred to a country of your choice with the most ease, and so we don’t charge anything extra for a faster delivery.

3. It takes a longer time to process payments through Remitly than it does with Remitbee. With Remitly, there are many processes that you have to go through in order to get your money transferred. However, with Remitbee we aim to make this process the fastest for you. Transferring money shouldn’t be a hassle, so we structured our systems to make sure that you can transfer your money with a few clicks.

4. One big difference between Remitly and Remitbee is the amount of countries that you can send money to. Remitly only offers to send money to India, and to send money to Philippines. Remitbee on the other hand allows you to send money to over 40 different countries from Canada. In addition to this, our list is still growing, giving you the possibility to send your money to even more places!

Many businesses are having great success in similar endeavors. Sites like Etsy allow people to buy and sell their own products, most often handmade or for a very specific audience. The key difference is that Your Sarista uses Remitbee for money transfers, keeping the cost of sales low and passing the savings to both their employees and their customers. Whereas in the old brick and mortar business model, wholesale purchases are made which require wholesale payments and costs of unsold inventory passed to customers. With the help of Remitbee, Your Sarista facilitates their payments instantly to wholesalers as orders are placed in real time.

How remitbee is different

One of the really cool features about Remitbee that makes a huge difference when compared to Remitly is “My Wallet”. “My Wallet” is a unique process created that allows you to save more money. With “My Wallet” you can cut out the processing fee, which puts more money in your pocket. This itself, results in a good amount of savings for you whether you’re transferring money for personal or business needs!

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