Remitbee Safety Tips

Posted by Remitbee November 22, 2016

In North America, the demand for a safe transfer of money is at a high point. People across the continent are searching for high quality, efficient, effective, and reliable systems so that they can transfer their money from country to country. With an increased number of migrant workers in places like Toronto or Mississauga, it is vital that there are reliable money transfer systems in place for these migrant workers.

remitbee safety tips

Therefore,there is a huge market for money transfer systems. Companies are appearing on the regular with competitive rates that challenge big companies like Western Union. With such a big market and really competitive rates, it’s important that you pick the right company. Now, whether you want to send money to India, send money to the United States, send money to Sri Lanka, or send money to Japan, it’s important to know that the right company doesn’t technically mean the cheapest rate. The right company will be one which offers you safety, reliability, and efficiency, all with a competitive rate.

Listed below are our top five safety tips when it comes to doing money transfers.

1. Is the company growing? Companies with growth are a typical sign of good money transfer systems. If you think about it, if more people are getting on board with the system, then that means more people are satisfied with the system the company has to offer. If they are happy with the service or system, they will most likely recommend the company to other peers. Thus, growth is a good indication of a reliable company. Money transferring companies like Remitbee are growing because of the high satisfaction of their end-users.

2. Never send money to strangers. Although this may sound like common sense, many people still fail to follow this. For example, you may have someone that is doing work for your company, who is based in India or Japan. In this case, you will need to send money to India or to send money to Japan. However, it is important that you get to know this person first. Look into their portfolio, and verify past work. Try contacting the companies they have referenced, and see if the work completed is legitimate. It is essential that you do not send money to strangers, so make sure to only send money to people that you personally know.

3. Look out for e-mail scams. In a growing digital age, there are many fraudulent individuals sending email scams asking for money. These emails usually come in the form of an individual portraying to be a certain company, who may ask you for a money transfer. In this case, check to see the money transferring system this email is suggesting. If the email gives the name of a money transfer company, do a check on this company by doing a google search. Check to see if the site or company is legitimate, and look for articles relating to the company.

4. It is essential that you do not give your login details or password to anyone. In the absurd case that you do, we highly suggest that you check to make sure there is no suspicious activity in your account.

5. Make sure that your computer is secure. There are many money transferring companies to choose from. These companies may offer the best and most reliable security. While their money transferring systems may be secure, it’s essential to make sure your computer is secure. There may be people who are trying to access your computer. These hackers will look for financial and personal information that you log into your computer. So it is important to make sure that your computer is secure to prevent these individuals from obtaining your personal or financial information.

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