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Posted by Remitbee August 31, 2017

Here in Canada, we are known to be a multicultural nation. Our country is full of people from all walks of life. Families, husbands, wives, children, and all different kinds of people decide to make our country their home, and sometimes it usually ends up with having to leave behind friends or family in their home land. .

With our global age today, it’s easy for us to keep in touch with the loved ones we leave behind. The internet has made it possible to reach out to each other with just a touch of a button. Despite being physically away from home, there are many times when we want to give a token of appreciation to these loved ones in the form of money. Whether you want to send money to India for Raksha-Bandhan, or send money to Philippines for your niece’s wedding, either way we Canadians will look for ways to send money back home. With companies like Remitbee, sending money to these countries becomes possible within a few minutes.

Now, one challenge that senders constantly face is picking the right company to send money through. It’s important for senders to ask the right questions and get the right information before sending money across the world. With that being said, listed below are five things you should consider when sending money to countries around the world.

send money to india

1. Is there a transfer fee? Depending on the company, the transfer fees will vary. However, with companies like Remitbee the first transfer is absolutely free, and subsequent transfers are from as low of $2.99 per transfer. With this competitive rate, it’s hard to find a better suited company

2. What’s the level of convenience? Some companies will require you to go into their office and make a transfer in person. Other companies will need you to fill out many documents before actually proceeding with the transfer. With that being said, Remitbee transfers can be done online full of ease.

3. What’s the foreign exchange rate? Whether you’re looking to convert CAD to INR, or CAD to PHP, it’s important that you check the exchange rate of the company you go with. Some companies may be giving you less money than what you deserve, so make sure to check out the exchange rate before sending money.

4. How long will it take for your money to be received? Depending on how urgent you need the money transferred, it’s important that you check the amount of time it will take for your money to get through to the recipient. Some companies may charge you a premium for a faster delivery, so look out for that.

5. Are there any limits to how much you can send? If you need to send a large amount of money, will the company that you go with allow the amount that you send? Find out how much you can send through a company so that your needs will be well accommodated.

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