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Remitbee's Security

At Remitbee, we take privacy and managing your sensitive data seriously. We used advanced technology to protect your communication with us at the same time saved your data in secure cloud based servers. We are certified and accredited by third party privacy organizations. We are partners with major banks worldwide and we are regulated by government agencies, in Canada FINTRAC. As a money service business, we are by law required to be regulated and as such we require information from you to meet these regulations. Our website is secured with SHA-256 with RSA Encryption so all the information between you and us are private and secure. We encrypt all pages you associate with to make it secure. We partner with the best organizations such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS to keep and manage your data security. We do not save any of your financial institution data including your credit/debit card information and do not collect your banking credentials. Remitbee is accredited by Better Business Bureau online reliability program and meets all accreditation standards. You can visit here to learn more. You can contact us at or toll free at: 1-855-484-2667 if you have any questions