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Who is Remitbee

RemitBee is a worldwide money transfer and mobile money company specialized in online money transfer. Its a convenient and user friendly service in which customers can send money online using their web browsers, tablets and mobile phones. Remitbee's goal is to end the ridiculous high cost of sending money overseas by cutting out the middleman or money transfer “agents” and sending money straight from customers to bank accounts and cash accounts worldwide. Remitbee is currently serving customers in Canada. We currently send money to 50 countries and more to come over the next few months.

Our Values


Our customers always come first, no matter what!

Innovation and Collaboration

Move humanity forward by creating valuable partnerships.

Trust and Integrity

Make decisions that always puts the trust in us at the forefront.

Social Impact

Be the leaders in giving back to our beautiful world!

Our Vision

With the advent of the internet, we have seen almost everything being connected and synchronized in a seamless way. With such incredible innovation; we still are using the old methods of connecting financially around the world. Remitbee is a service that we introduced to change how we transact around the world. We transfer your hard earned money at the click of a button on the web, tablet and mobile 24/7. We do this at the fraction of the cost of what major banks and other money transfer companies offer. We also strive to complete your transaction at the fraction of the time that it regularly takes. We offer direct delivery pickup, bank deposits and mobile wallets. Our goal is to ultimately allow everyone to easily and affordably send and receive money with a few clicks.